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Halla Ecological Forest
Is the place where the wild grass area neglected for its destructed forest is restored into the original forest, where people can enjoy comfortable resting spaces and natural phenomena provided by the diverse natural ecosystem as well as see from the warm-temperate plants to Halla alpine plants all together.
Functions as natural ecosystem
In Halla Ecological Forest, you can observe and enjoy diverse natural phenomena as well as take a rest. This is the place where we can find the way for human and nature to coexist.
Functions as research forest
The recent climate change leads to the urgent need for dissemination of the genes of rare Halla alpine and temperate/warm-temperate plants in Jeju Island. Under the situation in which the vegetation of Mt. Halla is being destructed expansively, Hall Ecological Forest plays the laboratory role for plant proliferation and cold tolerance test to restore the destructed areas.